Dunkard Creek Float Trip ~March 28th 2004~
Mt. Morris to Bobtown, PA - 11 miles

Left to right: Alan, Julie, Martin, Kathy, Lis, Dan, Deb, Francis, Betsy, Jean, Petra, John

As I look out at the snow covered trees this 4th of April it is hard to believe this time last week we were basking in the glory of the late afternoon sun while making our way down Dunkard Creek. Thanks to everyone for making the trip so much fun.

A special thanks to the Dog Rescuers!

You can check the current water level here.


Betsy and I met Francis in Mt Morris at 11 am to set up the shuttle from Bobtown, back to Mt Morris. We had information about a take out point in a city park at the base of Bobtown Hill. Unfamiliar with the area we stopped a gentleman driving through Bobtown and explained what we were looking for and why. The gentleman , Joseph "Legs" Michniak thought the park would be closed but said he knew of another take-out point nearby. He said to follow him as he was going that way and would show us the place he had in mind.

A few minutes later we had pulled off SR 2019 and were scoping out the bank which led down to the creek.The takeout was just the other side of the highway bridge. It appeared doable and there was a good landmark - an old Rail Road bridge which would give us a heads up the take out was near. Legs gave us his phone number in case we needed anything else and he was on his way.

We left the Kcar and headed back to Mt Morris in Francis's PU. We took a different route which took us to the east side of Mt Morris near the truck stop. Since we still had time before we met the rest of the contingent we drove over to the put-in at the low water crossing. This is at the confluence of Shannon Run and Dunkard Creek.

While we were unloading the boats a car pulled off the road and a gentlemen with a camera stepped out. I recognized him as Bill Seymour, Professor Emeritis of the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism at WVU. He asked about getting some shots of us putting the boats in. However were not quite ready to hit the water and he said he would try another time. Bill publishes the monthly "Mt Morris Mirror".

Betsy stayed with the boats while Francis and I went back to meet up with the other folks.

Although it was still minutes before the agreed upon meeting time some had already arrived. Imagine that. After a few minutes Jean pulled in, fresh off a drive from DC. We all headed to the put-in with some leaving their cars at the BP gas station because of the limited parking at the put-in.

At about 1:30 we were all in the water and looking forward to the trip. The photos and commentary will tell the rest of the story.

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