A Dog Story - by Kathy

We ( Lis, Martin and Kathy) heard, and then saw a yellow, husky looking dog (which reminded us of our dog Honey) barking from the right bank of the creek.

Martin said “come say hello” and the dog started swimming towards us. We thought maybe it was friendly, or wanted a piece of quiche. But it passed right by us, and we floated down with the current, and the yellow dog made straight for the left bank.

Then another dog started barking, from the left bank, and we saw another husky looking dog (black, and reminded us of our dog May, only with more obediant ears). It looked like a sibling of the yellow dog. And it looked like it was chained to a tree on a very steep and inaccessible hillside, and we couldn’t imagine why anyone would chain a dog up in a place like that.

Martin and Lissy paddled us over and I got out to look. The dog wore a thick leather collar, attached to an enormous chain, and was wrapped tightly around a tree. The yellow dog had reached the shore by then and was prancing around barking, like it was worried. And the black dog barked and strained against his chain. Both dogs seemed well fed and cared for, and friendly and used to humans.

The black dog let me pet him and try to get him loose, but I had trouble opening the clamp that held the chain to his collar. So I held the dog and Martin opened the clamp, and then both dogs ran along the shore together, following us, we thought, as we floated on down in the canoe.

Awhile later we saw a couple walking along the shore, and they asked if we had seen two dogs. We told them what had happened. They headed upstream along the shore.

Later, as we were taking the canoes out of the water, we saw the couple again. They said they had found the dogs, and thanked us.

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